Thursday, October 18, 2012

Free Mini Sporks - Score!

It's always fun to find cheap backpacking gear, and even better if it's free.  I stopped by Wegmans (our local supermarket) this evening to pick up dinner, and in the ready-made food section they were offering samples for tasting.  The basil pesto pizza was pretty darn good (I got a couple of slices to go), but the better surprise was the mini sporks that they were handing out with the samples.

They are not very big (about 4" x 1.25") but are still very usable - they are about 3 times the size of the small spoons that come with Bumble Bee Tuna snack packs, and twice the size of the pink Baskin Robbins sample spoons.  They are extremely light also - two sporks together did not even register on my kitchen scale.  They will not replace my aluminum Sea to Summit spork for typical usage; but they might end up in my bug-out-bag. 

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