Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Camping with Hot Hands

You've seen them.  You've probably used them, or something like them.  Those little chemical hand warmer packets.  People who work outdoors are familiar with them - using them inside their work gloves in winter time.  And hunters and ice-fishermen use them, too.  While you could use them to keep your hands and feet warm while hiking, I've found that they are great for keeping your feet and sleeping bag warm on cold winter nights.

My wife picked up a box of 40 pairs of these HotHands brand hand warmers for $20 at BJ's Wholesale Club, and they came with 4 sample pairs of foot warmers, too.  They last forever if they are not opened, as they are air activated.  Once opened, give them a shake, and they will heat up over the next 30-45 minutes.  They hit an average temperature of 135-degrees (F), up to 158-degrees...and they stay warm for 10-hrs or more.  Amazing little product.

On a recent backpacking trip, my son and I put these in our socks as we went to bed, and after an hour or so, we had to pull them out of our socks because they were too warm.  So, we threw them in the foot of our sleeping bags and they kept us extra toasty.  They stayed warm all night, and the next morning my son put the same ones into his gloves for a couple of more hours, until the day warmed up.  At fifty-cents a pair, they are unbeatable - they are small to pack and they sure beat heating up a water bottle to take to bed.

Try them and see...

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