Sunday, March 9, 2014

Coghlan’s Windproof/Waterproof Storm Matches - Review

Sometimes a good match is invaluable - a good tool to have at your disposal. In general, I like to use a firesteel to start fires (with some good tinder) and light my Trangia alcohol stove; but sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate. Especially during sub-freezing conditions it sometimes seems impossible to get my Trangia burner lit using firesteel - sparks just don’t have what it takes to preheat the alcohol enough to sustain a burn.

That’s when I turn to my Coghlan’s Windproof and Waterproof Storm Matches. They come in a small plastic canister of 25 matches, with a screw top and attached striking pad. They are solid wooden matches with a wax covered head. They strike easily, and the wax coating helps to keep it lit when windy and wet. 

These matches are perfect for lighting Tangia burners, because the sustained burn time of the match helps to vaporize the alcohol and get the burner lit. I’ll often drop the whole match into the center alcohol well of the Trangia to get it lit (the matchsticks can be cleared out later) never takes more than two matches to get the burner lit, even at sub-freezing temperatures. 

Sometimes you just need a good match.

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