Saturday, March 7, 2015

My Gear Lists - Summer & Shoulder Seasons

After completing the post regarding my Winter Gear List, I thought I would add a quick post with my Summer and Shoulder Season Gear Lists also.

The main differences between what I carry for different seasons include my specific tent, my sleeping bag and bivvy, and my spare clothes.  In winter, I will also swap out my hydration reservoir for a couple of vacuum insulated bottles to keep my water from freezing.

Overall, I try to balance the cost of my gear with the weight I am willing to carry.  I have not gone overboard with trying to get the lowest pack weight at any cost.  Most of my gear is reasonably or competitively priced, and in many cases was quite a bargain.

Check out the Gear Lists:

Summer Gear List (PDF) Shoulder Season List (PDF)

My base pack weight for summer is almost a perfect 20 lbs, and for the colder shoulder seasons (early spring and late fall) my base weight is around 23 lbs.  I find this a reasonable carry, and there is not a lot that I can shave off on my big items (pack, tent, sleeping bag, and pad), even if I were to drop substantial coin.

Where I could save some weight is on my extra, or comfort items.  I could swap my parang for a fixed-blade knife to drop about a pound.  I could eliminate my LED lantern (and just hang my headlamp) for half a pound, and maybe pare down my toiletries.  But I’m not concerned about skimping on gear for just a couple of pounds - I’d be better off going on a diet, where I could drop 5 or 10 pounds.

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