Tuesday, July 14, 2015

SOL Escape Bivvy - Review

As I mentioned in previous posts, I have been impressed with the performance of my simple SOL emergency bivvy for adding warmth to my sleeping bag when caught in an unexpected cold snap. The only issue with the small emergency bivvy was that it didn’t breath, so it tended to build up condensation on the inner surface and on my sleeping bag.

When I saw the upgraded SOL Escape Bivvy, I thought that it would be the perfect solution. The Escape bivvy sack has the same reflective inner surface for retaining body heat; but, it has a multi-layer breathable construction that allows moisture to escape (hence the name?). The construction is also a bit beefier, and it has a half-zipper to aid entry, as well as a drawstring hood. It is a pretty generous cut, with room for my 20-degree sleeping pad and my Z-lite pad. I find that it is a good fit for me, although not much room to spare. Plus it is available in green, because the standard emergency orange is a bit loud.

It really retains both heat though - I think that it adds about 20-degrees of warmth to my sleeping bag. It feels like it will hold up to moderate usage in winter camping; but only time will tell. It has performed well so far, as part of my burrito bed-roll sleep system (read about it here). It weighs in at only 8.1 oz, and packs down small; so that it disappears in your pack. At only about $50, it is definitely a worthy insurance policy for cold weather camping.

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