Sunday, March 5, 2017

The most useful cook-kit gadget that you didn't know you needed

The GSI Compact Scraper - I know that you've probably seen it in the cook kit section of your favorite outdoor store and, just like me, figured would I really use that?  It looks pretty cool, and is small and lightweight; but do I need another gadget?

Lucky for me, this scraper is small enough and inexpensive enough to make a great stocking stuffer.  That's how I happened to get mine - and it sat on the shelf with all of my mess kit gear for a while before I decided to give it a try...figuring it was light enough (0.6 oz.) to throw into my bag for a 5-day trip.  I'm glad that I did.

This thin, little food scraper is like a combination of a spatchula, a dull butter knife, and well... a scraper. It is only about 2" x 3.5", and fits anywhere - easy to toss into your existing mess kit.  It has a double edge - one side being a rigid nylon (like the main body of the scraper) and the other side being a flexible , high-temp, silicon.

But why do you want one?  Well, how many times have you been cleaning up a meal, and tried to get excess food off your kit by scraping unsuccessfully with the edge of your spork, then making a mess of your bandana or dish-rag/scrubbie when wiping it out?  Plus you end up with nasty dishwater to deal with - without attracting vermin.  You can only lick your pot so clean, especially if it is deep.

I'll tell you - the flexible edge on this scraper is amazing at removing food remnants from your kit.  It gets into all the nooks and crannies, and leaves almost no trace behind.  Just lick the rest of your meal off the spatchula like another food utensil.  If any food is a bit baked on, then the hard nylon edge does a great job of getting it off.  And both edges are safe on your non-stick.  As long as you can fit your hand or fingers into the container, this tool does a great job.  I will give the container a final wipe with my dry rag for good measure; but it is really not needed and doesn't produce any scraps (or dishwater).

I don't even carry a pot scrubbie anymore, and my small dish rag hardly gets soiled anymore.  For about $5, give one a try.

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